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It's become increasingly difficult for fans of the San Jose Sharks to separate themselves from the noise surrounding Evander Kane's personal life. From the social media fiasco started by his ex-wife to random "anonymous sources" claiming the locker room doesn't want him in San Jose, it's clear that there is an effort to discredit and disconnect Kane from the San Jose fanbase.

The latest rumor in circulation is that high-profile players may consider not signing with San Jose should Kane remain on the roster. To be fair, perhaps there are some negative emotions associated with Kane from his teammates, but more than likely, the negative media coverage appears to be the real culprits of distracting the locker room.

On Monday, Marc-Édouard Vlasic provided some insight on Kane and the locker room dynamics to The Montreal Journal.

There has always been controversy surrounding him since he's been with us and that was the case when he was in Winnipeg as well. It's a sad story for him and his family. Personally, it's his business and it's up to him to manage it with our boss (General Manager Doug Wilson). If he comes back, it won't be a distraction in the locker room as long as he arrives at the arena and does whatever he needs to do to help the team. The rest is personal and I wish him and his wife that everything goes well

It is refreshing to hear from an actual player from the San Jose Sharks team going on record versus the countless reports from those who remain anonymous. If Vlasic's comments are any indication of the rest of the team's attitude towards Kane, it is clear that the Sharks are not listening to the noise and are ready to compete for a playoff spot in 2021-22.

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