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TRADE BLOCK: Sharks look to move Gambrell, Labanc, and Simek.

The San Jose Sharks are ready to make moves.

The 2021-22 offseason is officially underway and while most fans are anticipating the announcement of a buyout on Sharks players whose cap hit no longer seems logical, the Sharks front office has placed Kevin Labanc, Dylan Gambrell, and Radim Simek on the trade block.

The Score confirmed this morning that the Sharks will entertain trading talent for draft picks, further solidifying the rebuild narrative that has been circulating throughout Sharks Territory.

Reports earlier this month that can be best described as tall tales from the tabloids suggested that the Sharks are looking into moving their best players on the roster, which would be the epitome of pushing a rebuild on the fanbase.

With no clear number one goaltender and a bench boss with a game plan that makes playing for draft picks permissible, Sharks fans may have to strap in for another ride to the lower ranks in the standings for the 31st season of Sharks hockey.

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