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The San Jose Sharks will have a new look for the 2022-23 NHL Season.

Photo credit: Instagram @aggressiveshark


Initially leaked by Ali Murji, a source of Icethetics, the San Jose Sharks' new look offers a hint of nostalgia and an overhaul of teal.

The most notable feature of the leaked image on Twitter was the helmets, gloves, and pants of the home kit are all teal - a franchise uniform first. The second most notable feature was the Sharks appeared to be getting rid of the orange in their color scheme.


Just 5 days after the leak, the new Sharks jersey dropped ahead of the official team reveal at a hockey retailer in San Jose. Thanks to AggressiveShark on Instagram, Shark City Hockey received a first look at the new threads.

The new, real-life jersey images provided Sharks fans with close-up details of the new stripes and shoulder pads.

The stripes of the new home and away jerseys feature a unique blend of material and stitching, combining to create a wave effect on the arm sleeves and around the lower torso of the sweater.

Photo credit: Instagram @aggressiveshark

The stripes on the new 2022-23 primary away Sharks jerseys are the closest resemblance to the original sweaters since the mid-1990s.

Photo credit: Instagram @aggressiveshark


Just when you thought the Sharks listened to the section of the fanbase that detests the burnt orange, they went ahead and placed it where the "This is Sharks Territory" stamp used to be. Awful trade, but the Sharks have made a habit of that lately.

Thanks to 408Jerseys on Instagram, we were able to get a look at the new collar designs and the new yet familiar shoulder patches, a modern take on the classic secondary Sharks logo.

Photo credit: Instagram @408Jerseys


The San Jose Sharks revealed their new full team uniforms on Wednesday, September 14th in front of a crowd of season ticket holders at the new TechCU Arena, home of the San Jose Barracuda.

With the official team release of the new jerseys, fans also had the chance to see the new font style and colors. Another San Jose first, the away jerseys numbers and captain patch font style is filled with the color black. With the names on the away sweaters being teal, the Sharks have its first primary sweater to feature 2 different font colors on the same jersey.

If you need to see the uniforms in action before you can judge them, so far the teal helmets, pants, and gloves have been featured on San Jose ice with last season's Sharks jersey. Sharks prospects gave the fans a preview of the new look during this weekend's Rookie Faceoff Tournament. Appropriately so, as the new look symbolizes the future and they also get to play in the jersey they were drafted in. Still, it makes fans wonder if the jerseys will be in use during any preseason games or if the same crossover uniform will be in play during all exhibition games.

The Sharks are branding these new uniforms as an evolution, honoring the past while looking ahead to the future. San Jose has yet to announce when they will wear the new kit, though it is expected that it will be in use when the 2022-23 NHL regular season begins in Prague as part of the 2022 NHL Global Series. Dan Rusanowsky also leaned towards this take during his guest appearance on the broadcast of the 2022 Rookie Faceoff Tournament.

*Shark City Press is not affiliated with the San Jose Sharks Organization and the stories or opinions featured here are solely those of contributing hockey fans.
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