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The San Jose Sharks failed to win at home for the second straight game, bested by another nautical themed team in the Vancouver Canucks. The San Jose Sharks, who dropped their first ever game against the Seattle Kraken, looked more out of sync in the 5-2 loss against Vancouver. Even worse, the loss added more fuel to a growing trend amongst the fan base that are beginning to blame the team's inability to play winning hockey on their alternate jersey.

Whether this new fascination of "breaking up" with the Stealth jersey is just a means to direct overall frustration with the franchise towards, or if it grows from an overwhelming desire for the return of the Heritage jersey, is yet to be concluded. Regardless on how fans feel about the threads, it cannot be ignored that the Sharks are 0-5 this season while wearing Black and Teal.

The only highs in the game that featured many lows for Sharks fans was the debut of Jayden Halbgewachs and Timo Meier scoring his 100th career NHL goal. Outside of Timo Time for the 100th time, Halbgewachs was the only player exhibiting any flair on the ice. As for the rest of the team, the lack of offense and mediocre goaltending was uninspiring. The Canucks will return to the Tank on Tuesday, following a 4 day weekend for Los Tiburones. Fans can only hope the Sharks show up too.

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