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San Jose Sharks Legend and National Hockey League Ironman Patrick Marleau remains an unrestricted free agent heading into the 2021-22 season. Patrick Marleau, who holds the NHL Record for Most Games Played, is set to become the first (and perhaps only) player in hockey history to play in 2,000 NHL games. The real question isn't whether Patrick Marleau will reach the historic and once-in-a-lifetime milestone, rather it's a question of whether or not he will do so in a Sharks sweater. Marleau has expressed prior to the conclusion of the lackluster 30th Anniversary season that he wants to continue to play and it's safe to assume that he wants to do so in San Jose.

The Sharks have yet to announce a new contract for the soon-to-be 42-year-old center/winger and have also elected to leave him unprotected in the upcoming NHL Expansion Draft. Fans are split on how they feel about Marleau, with some wanting to see him end his career in Sharks Territory while the others want to see the roster spot-free up for new talent to gain valuable NHL experience. Regardless of age or accomplishments, we at Shark City feel it is only right to see the 1997 first-round draft pick and former team captain reach 2,000 games while wearing teal. Also, Marleau deserves to hang his skates up in and the fans deserve to experience the conclusion of his legendary career here in San Jose.

*Shark City Press is not affiliated with the San Jose Sharks Organization and the stories or opinions featured here are solely those of contributing hockey fans.
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