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The biggest event in hockey was successfully spoiled online as leaks emerged early morning and Sharks fans learned who was departing San Jose prior to the 5 PM PST televised event. The Seattle Kraken decided to select center Alexander True from the San Jose Sharks in the 2021 NHL Expansion Draft. Alexander True has only played 19 games with the Sharks but holds the San Jose Barracuda record of 3rd Most Games Played (203) and 2nd Most Points Scored (128).

Most Sharks fans expected Dylan Gambrell to be the heavy favorite for the Seattle front office, but the Kraken elected to go with the former Seattle Thunderbirds player. At 6'5" and 200 lbs., Alexander True was one of the most prominent figures on the ice while skating for both teams in teal. True joins the new Seattle team as a Restricted Free Agent and fans in Sharks Territory will be watching closely to whether or not the Kraken decides to offer him a contract to join the club's inaugural NHL roster.

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