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EXCLUSIVE: Sharks will ditch the Heritage Jersey in 2021-22

There are over a million cityzens in Shark City and word spreads fast when it comes to hockey at the Tank. Once again, our Sharks Insiders have come through with breaking news and have confirmed that the San Jose Sharks will NOT bring back the all-time fan-favorite Heritage Jersey for the 2021-22 NHL season.

The Sharks do plan on bringing back the Stealth Jersey and, despite being the worst thing to happen to a San Jose hockey sweater since the Stadium Series threads, the Reverse Retro will get a second stint. In a complete opposite move to the fans' requests, the Sharks will not make the Heritage Jersey a permanent alternate and will instead try to push the 1998 inspired sweater that the club was winless while wearing (0-4) during the 30th Anniversary season. Some fans speculate that inventory must be depleted while others believe the Heritage Jersey maintains its value by being available for a limited time only (with a trend of resurfacing every 5 years).

*Shark City Press is not affiliated with the San Jose Sharks Organization and the stories or opinions featured here are solely those of contributing hockey fans.
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